USGov's greatest blunders of the last 100 years


Agree that FDR failed us at the end of the war, diplomatically. In my mind, that still doesn't justify continuing the war, by turning against the USSR/Stalin.

Still not conviced about Vietnam. While the "socialist paradise" is not a great thing, war is not so good, either. And, you have to look at whether war can really accomplish it's stated objectives, vs longer term changes of opinion such as seem to be happening in many of the soon-to-be ex-communist states. The Vietnam war may have actually slowed down this process. Plus, there are all the usual Libertarian arguments against war, foreign intervention, health of the state, loss of civil liberties (and increased taxes) at home, and etc.

The direct election of Senators is responsible for a breakdown in the separation of powers envisioned by the founders, and one of the contributing factors for a continual erosion of state's rights. Instead of having a "check and balance" to the power of the house of representatives, we just have a "big" house and a "little" house, with many of the same incentives working on both.

Agree that Roe v. Wade was bad from a legal point of view.

BTW, that quote was from John Maynard Keynes: