US Forces UBS To Disgorge Secret Bank Accounts

Dear All;

A very sad news article. Somehow or other
Gestapo Enforcers of Las Federales have forced
UBS to disgorge its secret bank accounts
held by Americans.

The article states:

Prosecutors contend that UBS helped wealthy
Americans hide about $18 billion, thereby
evading taxes of $300 million each year.

This meant the State didn't get to confiscate a
“fair share” of an individuals income through
arrogant legislated rights of seizure to spread
the “fair share” to the politically connected
and those designated as “needy and those in

In other words, if you earn it, you keep it.

See these three middle fingers of my hand I
am holding up. Make like it's a banana and
peel the banana. That's what I think about

If those people could find a way to keep the
money and keep it away from those money
grubbing slime ball slobs in Congress and their
state legislatures so much the better. [www_nytimes_com]

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Maybe this will motivate the rich to lobby to reduce taxes.