URGENT - Prop. A rebuttal argument (due today at noon!)

Well, it's probably for the best if there's to be no election, since
it was all about Jerry Brown trying to get higher taxes passed, and
taxes delayed are at least partially taxes denied (it would be nice to
think California voters would have the sense not to approve them in
this economy, but the electorate is not that reliable). I'm glad if
the Republicans in the state legislature have held their ground and
showed they can be good for *something* from time to time, even if
it's only out of fear of their conservative primary-voting
constituents and not any real commitment to freedom.

  The Supervisors may also try to recycle this School Board salary
increase for the November or a later election, so if they do at least
we'll be ready. :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

County fairs, eh? And moms and apple pie too, I suppose? I heard they
also *resisted* governor Jerry Brown's attempt to cut funding for
redevelopment agencies, which unless there's more to that than meets
the eye, is a really egregious anti-freedom stance, because these
agencies are typically involved in eminent domain property seizures,
classist targeting of "blighted" areas lived in by poor people,
sweetheart deals with developers, and wasteful and unaccountable use
of taxpayer money.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I think that's backwards. All but one Republican opposed CUTTING
redevelopment. Had even a second Republican joined him, they would have had
the 2/3 for Brown's proposal to close the redevelopment agencies. Steven
Greenhut had an excellent article about it: