URGENT: Petition to the Electoral College - Please save us from President Trump!

The mainstream media have jumped the gun as usual in prematurely declaring a winner of the presidential election. Although Donald Trump got to the magic number of 270 pledged electoral votes, Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote – not that either victory is truly legitimate, since alternative parties were widely victimized by discriminatory ballot access laws and all of the non-cartel candidates were shut out of the presidential debates.

  Crucially to the final outcome however, the Electoral College has not actually voted yet! Although an elector revolt changing that outcome is unlikely – it has never happened before – it is not impossible. As everyone keeps reminding us, this has been a highly unusual election season. A relatively small number of Electors refusing to vote for Trump as pledged could throw the election to the House of Representatives. I've started a petition on Change.org asking them to vote their consciences and do just that:


  Please sign and share this petition as one last hope to keep Donald Trump out of the White House and his finger away from the nuclear button!

Love & Liberty,
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At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
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