URGENT - No Argument on Prop. C (Declaration of Policy for Neighborhood Schools) / Please approve Prop. A argument / CALL REQUEST

After a couple hours struggling with this weighty topic, and trying
to to figure out how to mesh my ideas about how the school district
ought to work with an honest and cogent criticism of Proposition C in
300 words or less, I've given up. My two main reasons for opposing it
-- the problem with having *any kind of assignment system*, and the
inequality of schools in poor and wealthy areas that I think it could
exacerbate -- each require too much substantiation to manageably fit
into any kind of coherent narrative in the space allotted. On top of
that, I'm not even positive without further research and
consideration, for which I don't have time this morning, that I *do*
oppose it, and given that fact, it would border on dishonest to try to
take the opponent's argument.

  So I'll just be filing the single argument against Prop. A --
hopefully with the LPSF and Aubrey as co-signers -- let me know. If
anybody else has any thoughts or arguments on Prop. C, I'm still
interested in seeing them, although I am headed to sleep now for a bit
and it's highly unlikely I'd do anything with them as far as an

Hi Starchild! I will call you at precisely 10:05 AM.

Thanks for your hard work and intellectual honesty!!!