URGENT! March 9-Tonight: Big Nuke War Movie on Sci-Fi Channel "THE DAY AFTER"


When THE DAY AFTER was televised on ABC in 1983 it was a national event, with hundreds of peace groups nationwide holding parties to watch the movie together.

The movie shows a regional conflict spiraling out of control into nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union , graphically portrays the incineration of Kansas City by several nuclear explosions, and terrifyingly explores how the injured, maimed and dying try to survive in the weeks and months following.

Today we may be on the verge of nuclear war against Iran -- dropping nuclear weapons either pre-emptively or to retaliation against Iran fighting back against attack. These bombs would be dropped just a few hundred miles from Russia's border and the electro-magnetic pulse alone will probably sufficiently interfere with their communications that Russians may believe this is a nuclear attack upon them. The radiation certainly may spread over southern Russia. And what happens when Pakistan explodes in rage and its radicals take over their nuclear weapons and possibly attack India and Israel?

THE DAY AFTER may be only a month a way. (Maybe the SCI-FI channel has figured that out??)

The US has bullied the IAEA into referring Iran to the UN Security Council merely for minor breaches of their agreement with the IAEA, even as the US coddles Israel, Pakistan and India which all developed nuclear weapons without ever joining the IAEA.

The US and Israel are hot to attack, probably right after the Israeli elections March 28 - which is also a week after Iran begins trading its oil in euros instead of dollars, a possible threat to US economic stability.

Watch the movie tonight. And wake up tomorrow morning and start working furiously to stop this war.

Again, we may have only a few weeks left of our civilization unless we act NOW!

If you can't see the movie, or are trying to decide whether to see it, look at photos from it at

Also see photos of the similarly themed British movie THREADS.

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