"Upholding the Law in the Face of Privileged Lawlessness" - A Peace Officer Defies the "Blue Tribe": The Exile of Officer Cariol Horne

In 2006, officer Cariol Horne was punched in the face by a fellow cop and ultimately fired from the Buffalo police force and denied her pension for intervening to stop one of her colleagues from using excessive force by choking a handcuffed black suspect in an incident reminiscent of the now infamous one that killed Eric Garner:


  References to some other troubling incidents of officers being punished for doing the right thing in this blog post as well.

  Despite the evidence, Horne lost several appeals, while the aggressively violent officer Kwiatowski went on to engage in other abuses and retired with a full pension. Now, in the wake of the Garner scandal and renewed attention on police crime, she is talking to the media again in an attempt to win some belated justice:


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