Updates to LPSF.org

I just published a new article on LPSF.org about why I'm not running for mayor, including a link to the story Ron recently posted to our list about the mayoral candidates raking in public financing money, and made a few other minor edits to the front page, including inserting a graphic of the Atlas Shrugged movie poster for Marcy's story about the film opening, and added pitch to join our Meetup group ( http://www.meetup.com/the-LPSF ) to her announcement of our next meeting.

  Regarding the mayoral ballot access travesty, I called Richard Winger and asked whether he thought there was anything to be done about it, but sadly the answer was no. The courts have allowed them to get away with pricing people out of office who don't have large amounts of cash to throw down in order to get on the ballot. While of course the campaign financing system tends to reward incumbents and the already well-off who can more easily raise large sums of money to qualify.

Love & Liberty,
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