Updated Version Small Business Initiative

Dear All

Attached and below is the updated version of the proposed help small businesses and employment initiative letter discussed at the last LPSF meeting.

Please read and review and we'll discuss further at this Saturdays Dec. 5 LPSF meeting at 3:00 pm.

Ron Getty
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Fostering Small Business Employment Opportunities in San Francisco

In the interest of fostering private employment in San Francisco we do hereby ordain the following. All new
start-up businesses will be exempted from paying any license or business permit
fees for a period of 5 years from start up. The start up date will be based on
the date of the new business opens its doors for business. This will equally
apply to any existing business opening a branch operation in the City of San Francisco.

To lighten the economic burden existing businesses with
payroll of less than $500,000 will be exempted from paying any annual license
or permit fees to the City and County of San Francisco for a period of 5
years from the date of enactment of the ordinance.

To further foster employment opportunities all City and County of San Francisco enacted mandatory
benefit and payroll tax requirements will be waived for a period of 5 years
from the date of opening the new business or branch operation

The total aggregate amount of reduced budget revenue will be
shared equally by all City and County departments with an appropriate reduction
in their budgets. No additional revenue sources will be authorized to “make
good” the amount of “lost budget revenue” from business license, permit fees
and payroll taxes.

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I was hoping she would elaborate more on the factor of rent control behind the greed, but oh well.