Updated rebuttal against Prop. G

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Corporate reforms are badly needed. But Proposition G takes aim at the wrong target! As economist Michael Suede has written:

“The evil that comes from corporate personhood does not stem from the fact that groups of people can voluntarily voice their views. The evil comes from treating corporate groups as persons when it comes to liability laws. Holding a corporate entity liable for damages, rather than the corporate owners (or shareholders) is why corporations are so destructive to the market...”

“Corporate liability laws allow corporations (groups of people) to do bad things, while allowing the owners of that corporation to avoid personal responsibility for their actions. In fact, the primary purpose of incorporating is to avoid liability problems (hence the title 'limited liability corporation')!”

Unfortunately, we doubt the politicians behind Proposition G have the courage to tackle fundamental corporate reform by going after limited liability. Among other things, that might start raising questions about the privilege of limited liability they themselves enjoy as government officials under the doctrine of “sovereign immunity.”

In the meantime, their hypocritical grandstanding on the issue of money in politics – how many of them refuse corporate/union donations? – threatens free speech and contradicts a previous policy declaration, Proposition O, approved by San Franciscans in 1991. That measure passed by 73% of voters affirmed our city's “unqualified support for the First Amendment” and “rejection of every form of censorship.”

Please vote NO on Proposition G.

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

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