Update on the BBC story

There is authentication of the video by archive.org at
http://www.archive.org/details/bbc200109111654-1736. And a more recent
response by BBC at
tml. On the latter page, check out comments #174 and #309. (There are
probably other good ones; I didn't read more than 5%. But see also #148
and #152.)

I also just found a site
(http://www.representativepress.org/BowingDebunksExplosives.html) which
shows photographs of inward bowing of the exterior walls on WTC1 and
WTC2, with the claim that this disproves controlled demolition. But as
I remember stories about the buildings' construction, at the time they
were built, the exterior walls were not support structures at all, but
instead were "hung" on the steel frame. So the exterior walls could
have fallen off entirely without the buildings coming down.