Update on next meeting etc.

Dear All,

1. Next LPSF meeting at the S.F. Public Main Library, May 8, 3pm

As suggested at the last LPSF meeting, I stopped by the Main Library to confirm our reservation for May 8. As Starchild indicated indeed we had a reservation; however, the librarian could not find our application, and asked that I fill one out. So, I filled out a new application, and will go to the orientation, and will be there on May 8 at 3 pm, unless planets do not line up.

I certainly hope the librarian with whom I spoke did not see Starchild at the Union Square gathering, because I had to say Starchild was out of the country, and did not know when he was coming back, for her to listen to me at all.

2. LPSF Mail Box

I indicated my concern about nothing in the LPSF mail box for a couple of months. So, today there was finally something!