Update on LPSF Membership

Dear All,

I am now collecting membership dues for the year 2008 from you all!!
Your contributions help the LPSF, as well as the CA Libertarian Party,
do its work to promote liberty. Current dues as posted by the CA
Libertarian Party (of which we are a subsidiary) are as follows:

$25.00 Basic [bare bones] membership. No subscription to California
Freedom included.

$55.00 Subscribing membership. Basic plus a subscription for one year
to California Freedom.

$Monthly pledge of $10.00 or more for the $55 and up memberships.

We are in the process of updating our LPSF website to reflect the new
membership dues. Therefore, if you want to send in your share right
now, please go to ca.lp.org (the CA Libertarian Party website), print
an application form, and mail it with your check to us at:

Libertarian Party of San Francisco
2215-R Market Street, #170
San Francisco, CA 94114

Also, if by any chance, any of you out there are currently registered
other than Libertarian, we have plenty of Voter Registration cards we
can mail to you, so you can register back to Libertarian after the
February Primaries.

Best regards,

Marcy Berry