Upcoming events (District 8)

From District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s newsletter, here are some upcoming events in his district (which I live in), generally the Castro/Noe Valley area:

Upcoming Neighborhood Meetings

Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association. Thursday, July 28 at 6pm More info: https://evna.org/ <https://click.bos.sfgov.org/?qs=6ebf5df4525fbcaebfffbfee75af37a9d181d3ee746519900c21a98cf8928552b3a6f68cf3db67cb16e8f6ce2c440ac5cc214a64fec037cd> 

Upper Noe Neighbors. Every other month on the third Wednesday at 7:00 at the Upper Noe Recreation Center. The next meeting is September 21. https://uppernoeneighbors.com/ <https://click.bos.sfgov.org/?qs=6ebf5df4525fbcae15fc88b50a9e0c1691a491d8003f65cbd7de9e812fa5d294cc21b8fb165adc5181095c6222d067c291f02cecda25a87e>

Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association. Tuesday, August 9 at 7pm More info: https://www.dtna.org/ <https://click.bos.sfgov.org/?qs=6ebf5df4525fbcaeba9a53fcd95ba614d1779fb538903291fe9a8b4648e4e127b86662cf0472cf51766ca820d5a4b8327d7f29651e56d910> 

Dolores Heights Improvement Club. Green Gardens group holds monthly clean-ups on the first Saturday of the month from 9am – 10:30am. More info: https://doloresheights.org/ <https://click.bos.sfgov.org/?qs=6ebf5df4525fbcae6204db094b075f6294f3f633b0faf1fcfffdacab44c67eba2f3328bfac9d0850023a0523e3b6adbe797a16d25a84f983> 

Castro Art Mart is a monthly street fair on Noe Street between Market and Beaver the first Sunday of every month from 11am-5pm featuring LGBTQ art from local artists, live music, comedy and drag shows, and more. Learn more.

Noe Valley Town Square Events
Upcoming events at the Noe Valley Town Square include the Saturday Farmers Market and Free Sunday Morning yoga on July 31 . Details at noevalleytownsquare.com/events <https://click.bos.sfgov.org/?qs=6ebf5df4525fbcae8adc149d8b46c9aa6377275704c66cc9d81d002142a5138bbebac7e89de72665a577505340afd3e0ee52b5e2652a9d80>
Attending neighborhood events offers a great opportunity to learn more about local politics, and to share the libertarian message. What’s going on in your neighborhood?

Love & Liberty,

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