Types of social systems & progression between them (was: property rights & conflict resolution)


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I think our philosophy of non-aggression logically encompasses some

types of anarchy as well as it does limited government. <

Our philosophy of non-aggression does not logically encompass "limited
govt." Libertarian limited govt begins with the proposition that
individual rights should never be violated, and ends up violating
individual rights. This is not logical.

Best, Michael


  I think we've been over this ground before. I believe that some initiation of force is probably inevitable, though undesirable, whether the system is anarchy or limited government. Before you protest, remember that "utopia is not an option!" If you adopt an anarchy where there is no legal mechanism for initiating force (e.g. compelling people to stand for trial), you end up simply redirecting the initiation of force into extra-legal channels, such as people hiring hit-men.

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