Two Stories About Guvmint and An LTE About Crime

Dear Everyone;

Two articles of interest and a copy of an LTE from an SF Examiner which I think our Police Petition might address..

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

The first about how the Board of Supervisors has created a climate for businesses which may be driving away potential employers. Surprise Surprise Surprise. Maybe it's time to revive the salary cap and payroll tax initiaitves for SF.

The second from the Chronicle gives a very chilling look at the extent the Federal people will go to prosecute. A journalist took a video of the anarchist rally in the Mission setting afire a SFPD police car. The feds are prosecuting for the video because the SFPD receives fed funds and so the feds should prosecute whoever set the police car afire and want the video as proof of whom done the deed.

Your tax dollars at work.

The LTE from the Examiner is self-explanatory.

Streets of San Francisco

A few nights ago, two young ladies were mugged after leaving a North Beach Bar. On Friday night, a young lady was severely beaten and left unconscious near the corner of Powell and Filbert in North Beach. I think it is about time the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors get their priorities straight and make an effort to reduce violent crime instead of trying to prevent smoking in the park.

Herb Caen described San Francisco as “Baghdad by the Bay.” He was right. It is getting more like Baghdad every day.

Gary Cicotte
The City