Two SFPD Related Articles From Bay Guardian - Indirectly Related To Police Petition

Dear Ron,

Once again, thank you for your patience. I should not post to these
lists when I get really, really, really miffed!! Our Police Petition
Campaign is already calling for the police force to focus on the
suppression of violent crime. What "programs", public or private,
might or might not work in decreasing violence is the subject for
another day.

--- In, Ron Getty <tradergroupe@...>

Dear Marcy;

part of the article said this: The campaign for Prop. A forced the

city to address its ongoing philosophical divide on how to face off
against violence. More cops or more outreach? More patrols or more
job training? More overtime or more murals?

"Their approach is suppression," Coleman Advocates youth

coordinator Jos? Luis said of law enforcement. "They get rats; they
send in informants. They don't want to use prevention." While the
city eventually found money for community-based organizations through
the budget process, it's doubtful the debate over how to take on
street violence issues will cease.

In other words, it's a volatile issue and the use of public money

for alternatives is an unfortunate part of the equation which can not
be ignored as the money has been approved appropriated and allocated
in previous years. As Mayor Newsoms press release said:

The budget proposal for the next fiscal year boasts that Newsom set

aside $2.7 million for violence prevention and intervention, which he
combines with $7 million the board supplemented for the current
fiscal year. Featured more prominently in the press release is his
bid for 250 new cops â€" and yet more money to pay them overtime.

For our police petition we must be aware of the political and

neighborhood dynamics driving crime suppression vs. community group
grants and the really strange brew with so mnay cooks and chefs.

We also must be aware of the old Asian saying: Don't break my rice

bowl. This would apply specifically to those who survive on communty
grants and if it weren't for the grants would not be in business and
the workers out a job and having to look for real NGO work where the
job they do is not totally tax supported supported.

This is the intent of posting the article not that bored kids are

burning or capping people doing drug trafficking or setting up
weapons armories in the 'Hood because they have nothing else to do.
Community outreach programs can help when properly done - they just
need a way to find the funds without reaching into the taxpayers
wallets and taking the money.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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Guardian - Indirectly Related To Police Petition

Oh, for pete's sake!!! So, I am an avowed conspiracy theorist, but
providing recreation for youth as a solution to the carnage in our
streets sounds naive at best and an attempt to cover up a festering
underworld economy at worst (drugs? sex trade? fencing of goods?


trade?) If we were to apply the follow-the-money rule of life to


killings, what is the secret that we need to suggest with our


Petition Campaign needs to be dealt with? The murderers out there


not sound to me as bored youth engaging in a little mischief.



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