Tourism Agency Fund Cuts

Supervisor wants to cut funds for tourism agency

SF Chronicle

Thursday November 25, 2004

Dear Editor,

It's official. Your November 25th article "Supervisor wants to cut funds
for tourism agency" quotes John Marks, head of the San Francisco
Convention and Visitors Bureau. He says San Francisco is becoming like
Venice "where tourism is the main driver of our economy". Isn't it sad
to see San Francisco, once world-renown for Entrepreneurship, Finance,
Technology, Commerce, Transportation, Construction and the Arts, reduced
to a tourist attraction?

Central planning by City Hall did this to our fair City. The Supervisors
should eliminate the Convention and Visitors Bureau before they ruin
what little of our economy is left. Let the tourist industry fend for
itself. Then kill the taxes and regulations on this industry and any
others San Francisco wants to survive. The consequence for not doing so
is the acceleration of our readily apparent economic decline.

Michael Denny

866 37th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94121

(415) 750-9340