Touring The Wordlwide Crash

Dear All;

Gary North who regularly publishes very
excellent economic truths and life and living
articles on Lew Rockwell has this recent
posting. At the beginning of the article he
asks you take look at 13 photos from
around the world as an example of what
the Worldwide Crash is all about.

BTW: The pictures are just a sampling
of similar locations from around the world.

I won't say what you will see but the
impact is chilling.

These words come to mind: Get a cabin
in the woods near a stream or river with
a couple years of freeze dried food and
some good rifles pistols and shotguns
and lots of ammo then get your money
out of the banks and hunker down.

The NY Times published an article today
about nationalization of banks by Obama.

Oh -that was the good news!

The Gary North article.

So, you want to know how bad this crash will get.
Fine. Spend 30 seconds to see the magnitude of
what it is today. It's going to get much worse.

The Manchester Guardian published
13 photos from around the world
that show the extent of the disaster. Spend
just 3 seconds per photo. (You won't see these on Tout TV.)

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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