Top 45 Proposed Initiatives For The LPSF Monthly Meeting April 14th at 3:00 pm.

Dear Everyone;

Here's a list of all the proposed initiatives - which is still an open list and not conclusive - along with some proposed evaluation standards.

See you all at the LPSF monthly meeting Saturday April 14th at 3:00 pm at Milano's Pizza 9th Ave at Irving for more and further discussions on these proposed initiatives and their evaluation and discussion of any additions to the list.

I have attached a copy of the list so you can downloand and print out if you so desire.

Ron Getty
Chair - Initiatives Committee


1. Highlights an outrageous fact about city government.
2. Targets an outrageous practice or law in the city for change
3. Ignites debate and publicity about an important issue
4. Provides a simple easy concept citizens would easily get behind but serves Libertarian goals
5. Gathers sympathy, interest and understanding of Libertarian goals and ideas and builds membership
6. Easy to get funding and support from other groups
7. Invigorates and animates Libertarian base
8. Reduces taxes
9. Forces the opposition to spend time defending so there’s less time and energy for other matters.
10. Opens up new ideas and ways of looking at things for everyone


1. Capping the Mayors pay AND benefits at $120,000 and all others scaled down from there with at least a $5,000 difference between levels. This will then generate an average pay and benefits of about $50,000 per City employee.

2. Repealing the payroll tax for all SF businesses.

3. Repealing the SF minimum wage law

4. Repealing sick day’s law.

5. Repealing mandated health insurance law.

6. Repealing all laws placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors which did not have an Economic Impact Report

7. Repealing rent control.

8. Repealing all rental property laws regarding landlord tenant.

9. Repealing any law enacted by the SF Board of supervisors governing use of private property - such a SRO’s to hotels or hotels converting rooms to condos.

10. Having all SFPD police officers assigned to crime prevention and the arrests of those committing homicide – rapes - armed robbery. No more traffic duty or anything else unless it is directly related to capturing suspected felons who have committed these crimes. If officers are needed for special event security the event organizer pays the full tab or hires private security.

11. Repealing the right of any 4 supervisors to sign off on legislation to place on the ballot at the last minute of the last day eligible.

12. Reducing the City employee health plans to just one. Require the City employee to pay half the cost. Repeal the agreement giving City employees who have worked for the City for 5 years and then left after 5 years lifetime health benefits at retirement.

13. Mandate a 5% a year cut in each department’s budget.

14. Any settlements of suits for injuries or death to come out of the offending city departments’ budget.

15. No non-tax ballot measure may be approved by the voters without a 50% plus one approval of all registered voters - this means getting at least 209,000 yes or no for an initiative to be approved.

16. Each City department to under go an audit to determine which of their functions could be best handled by private contractors at lesser costs and which functions could be done by combining resources.

17. All PR departments in every City agency to be shut down.

18. All City golf courses turned over to private companies.

19. The RecParks department to be split back in two with the recreation section to be closed. The parks sold to highest bidder to be held in public trust in exchange for a major tax break on City taxes.

20. Repeal the hotel tax.

21. No further public funds for MOMA - Asian Art - SF Ballet Opera Orchestra Aquarium etc they fund themselves or they shut down.

22. Fire stations closed where there is no volume of fire calls.

23. Repealing all set aside affordable housing mandates to get building approval.

24. De-fund all homeless programs for housing and cash payments.

25. Encourage San Franciscans or visitors to green SF by voluntary tree planting.

26. Audit all City employees on disability to ascertain those who are faking and get the money back and file criminal fraud charges against the fakers.

27. Repeal public finding of Mayor and Supervisors campaigns.

28. Cut supervisors to 7 have 4 elected by district and three at large.

29. Review the 25/50 retirement program for police officers and firefighters and sheriffs deputies. Not all of them are in such bad shape as they need to retire at 50. Due a case by case evaluation and move the rest to regular retirement at 65 the same for all other city employees not already covered as such.

30. Any person who has passed a background check and owns a handgun under current state and federal law may apply for a CDW permit and get it approved without any special requirements as to need.

31. Mandatory on a weekly basis the Mayor and each supervisor must ride the Muni one day a week and never the same day the following week including weekends. Each must report on their official web site what buses they rode for the day - that's a 24 hour day and a different bus-line each week.

32. Repeal all "not in my neighborhood" protective legislation regarding Big Box retailers and small box retailers and chain retailers from opening in any neighborhood zoned for retail stores.

33. Repeal the plastic bag ban.

34. Repeal the pay day check advance loan store opening legislation.

35. Privatize San Francisco International Airport and sell it to highest bidder.

36. Privatize the San Francisco Muni and sell it to the highest bidder.

37. Privatize all City departments to lowest bidder and go to user fees for services.

38. Privatize San Francisco City College and have student fees cover operating costs.

39. Repeal all San Francisco property taxes including school taxes.

40. Close all San Francisco public schools and go to free enterprise or private enterprise or parochial schools.

41. Create the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company by public subscription and buy out Pacific Gas & Electric and complete the electrical connection between Hetch Hetchy Dam and the City for low cost electricity for all San Franciscans.

42. Ban the installation of any new crime cameras until the efficacy of the existing crime cameras has been determined by arrests and convictions as a direct result of the crime cameras.

43. Let the 49ers move as few NFL teams actually play within the city they are named after.

44. Have the SFPD arrest any member of the DEA busting a medical marijuana facility on charges of destruction of private property, breaking and entry, trespassing on private property and grand felony theft of private property and conspiracy to do the same.

45. The Board of Supervisors will have a day long session once a month where residents of San Francisco can question any member of the Board of Supervisors individually or jointly about matters of interest. Any member of the Board of Supervisors who fails to attend for reasons other than being hospitalized or a death in the immediate family will be penalized with 100 hours of community service scrubbing graffiti off private property.

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