Tony Blair, World Socialist Leader

Tony Blair, World Socialist Leader
by James W. Harris

Most Americans know British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the Bush
administration's staunchest international supporter of the war in

Not nearly as many Americans, however, are familiar with his
leadership role in promoting world-wide state socialism.

This week, Blair was re-elected as one of the vice presidents of the
Socialist International, at the 22nd Socialist International Congress
held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Socialist International is an umbrella
organization for socialist political parties worldwide. Over 600
delegates from over 150 political parties around the world attended
the three-day gathering.

Blair did not attend this Congress, though he attended the previous

Socialist International president Antonio Guterres of Portugal praised
Blair, pointing out that Blair ".has done much to aid the Socialist

Among other things, delegates called for a new socialist world order,
denounced global capitalism, and worked on plans to shackle or destroy
free enterprise with various flavors of state socialism.

State socialism directly attacks the free market system that millions
of Americans view as central to the survival and progress of the
United States and of freedom in general. One must wonder what those
Americans who only know Blair because of his support for the wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq would think of his years of fighting for
socialism and against free enterprise.

Indeed, though many Americans view Blair as a friend and ally, one may
legitimately ask if Blair's work in attacking and undermining the very
basis for our society ultimately makes him a bigger threat to our
lives and liberty than America's enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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