Tonight's Skateboard Task Force meeting postponed until Thurs. Nov. 18

Ted Loewenberg just called and told me they don't have a quorum for tonight's meeting, so they've postponed it to next Thursday on the 18th (same time, 6pm). The meetings run two hours, but open seats is only a 15-minute item and it's the second item on the agenda. I'll be introducing myself and telling them about my knowledge and background in inline skating.

  Ted is also the head of the Small Property Owners of San Francisco, and I asked him to keep us apprised of their efforts to fight several bad new anti-property rights measures currently being pushed at City Hall.

  This postponement gives me some additional time to find a new pair of skates so I can hopefully have them in time to bring to the meeting (my old ones broke during the Pride Parade, possibly thanks to the city's bad job of paving Market Street).

Yours in liberty,
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