Tonight's 9-11 Program at Starchild's

You are all invited tonight to Starchild's tonight at 8pm. I will be there
to foster a discussion about 9-11, and discuss evidence supporting the
hypothesis that the official government story about 9-11 is a bald-faced
lie, and that the truth about 9-11 is different than what we have been told
(by the gov't and mainstream media). There is evidence suggesting
complicity, not necessarily among "thousands of evil people" in the
government, but among a group which includes some in high positions inside
our government, the number of which could well indeed be fairly small in

There is no question that the concept of possible complicity among elements
in our government is a "paradigm shift" for a large percentage of Americans.
In a similar way, we know that libertarian concepts, such as that taxes are
theft, that minimum wages hurt poor people, that welfare hurts poor people,
etc. etc. are likewise paradigm shifts for many people. So there is that
similarity between the 9-11 truth issue and libertarian issues. Other
similarities between these two movements include a desire to know the truth,
to act on the truth, and to spread the truth, a desire to obtain justice (to
whatever extent that is possible), a desire to reduce the size and power of
the military-industrial complex, a desire to end the global wars the US is
involved in right now, a desire to bring truth, logic, and sensibility to
political policies, and a desire to make the world a better place. 9-11
truth is a challenge to review the facts about the official story of 9-11
which has formed the foundation on which has been built the "War on Terror"
and ever-growing violations of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

It may be possible that nobody shows up tonight except Starchild and me.
Whoever does or does not show up, I will put it up to a vote to the audience
as to whether they want to see Loose Change in its entirety, or instead,
spend the time having me present the best evidence that 9-11 truth has,
perhaps for an hour or so (which is shorter than the 2 hours movie Loose
Change). We could, either during or after my presentation, open the floor
for questions and an interactive discussion.

So I will give whoever shows up a couple of choices as to how we use the
time, and then put it up for a vote among the people (if any) that show up.

The time is tonight at 8pm.

The place is Starchild's:

3531 16 th St. (Mkt & Sanchez)

San Francisco, CA 94114

You are all invited.

Jeff Schwartz