TONIGHT - State Senator Scott Wiener - "Moving Toward Decarceration" online event (630pm, Zoom)

Lots of good things happening on the police reform front! Below, Scott Weiner describes a four-part initiative he's promoting that includes ending the "War on Drugs", mass incarceration, and the "war on immigrants". Scroll down for a link to register and participate on Zoom. (When I registered, it sent me an email that also included info on calling in by phone, even though Wiener's office had told me when I wrote them that they didn't have a call-in option!)

  In other Bay Area news, the Berkeley city council just voted to permanently ban police use of the chemical weapon tear gas, and other reforms (see message at bottom).

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So true….good point Michael.


I'm told they aren't going to be taking live questions (supposedly due to the number of registrants), but people can send their questions to Jack Persons <>. Here's the question I sent: