Tom Stevens

Sam: This is the second time you've included the LPSF in these mailings and this is the second warning I've given you. We will remove you from the LPSF activist list if this ever happens again. I don't know why you are on our list anyway. In the 20 years I've been a member and active you've never been to one meeting.Françoise
Françoise Fielding, Esq., 820 Stanyan St. #5, San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-386-8643

I need to add that Tom Stevens wasexpelled for reasons pertaining to unproven allegations by BlayTarnoff as to his sexual orientation. I always thought that weLibertarians accept ALL sexual orientations. Apparently Blaydisagrees.

I disagree. It is important to have this conversation right now and not to wait because the same people who caused these problems before are trying to do it again. Tom Stevens when he died had been expelled from the Libertarian Party illegally without any basis by Blay Tarnoff and Mark Axinn. Now these same two decoits are trying to assume control of the New York Libertarian Party again. Mark Axinn has already stated in an email to another group that these expulsions still stand. Blay Tarnoff has stated in the last few days that everything we are doing is illegal and the police are coming to arrest us all at any moment. We cannot allow these statements to pass unchallenged.

Hello all,
You guys realize that you’re having this conversation on a group email with over 20 people. Right? Some who are new members and who we are trying to get more involved. If you guys insist on having this whining fest about a party that on paper no longer exists, please don’t do it here. This was a thread about an unfortunate loss of life and the way this conversation has turned is not only childish, but extremely disrespectful.

You have always claimed before that it was not you who did this and you did not know about it.Why the sudden change?I was the secretary and the treasurer of the Queens Libertarian Party for several years and the Secretary of the San Francisco Libertarian Party.I do know that you repeatedly blocked me from running as a Libertarian Party candidate even though I collected my own signatures.Then you insisted on making anti-Libertarian Warren Redlich the candidate for governor against party rules as he had not joined the party, paid the dues or signed the pledge.You said that you were expelling me from the party only to stop me from being the Queens County Representative to the State Committee which I had been serving.You kept me out of the debates even though I had been invited and flew from San Francisco to New York to attend.You had me barred from entering the LP national Convention in Columbus Ohio.Why did you keep doing these things, just pretending to be a nice guy?I did not know about the funeral for Tom Stevens or that he had died until you announced it on these groups.Sam Sloan


You have always been a totally self-absorbed, delusional, fucking putz. I am glad to see nothing has changed over the past decades.

I am very proud of the many things I did for LPNY during my 25 years of membership and leadership. I am particularly proud of having you ejected from the Party for fraud and force.


P.S. If you were such a fan of Tom's, how come you did not bother coming to his funeral?