Today's LPSF Minutes / LNC / Larry Sharpe

Hello from D.C., all! I’ll echo Aubrey’s compliments to on the minutes, which were informative and a pleasure to read. Sorry I missed not just the meeting but also the Lord Monckton talk, which I would’ve been interested in attending as I’ve been hearing his name in connection with anthropogenic global warming skepticism for years and would have loved to ask some questions.

I haven’t had a chance to read the newsletter yet, but expect Aubrey did a great job as always. Terrific to hear about the woman who Marcy converted on the spot! Good job Marcy… And thanks also for all your work on the website. Glad that Nick is willing to take over doing that, as it saves me from needing to do so! Being on the national and state committees on top of my local activism is taking a good amount of my time.

The Libertarian National Committee meeting had its share of the usual frustrating outcomes, but we certainly covered plenty of ground, and there was a well-attended party at LP headquarters last night, with perhaps 75 people or more showing up. For more than you probably want to know about the meeting, including video, links to reports, and lots of on- and off-topic blog comments, including from yours truly, see .

Finally, Larry Sharpe was here, and confirmed he will be in SF and is fine to meet for dinner Wednesday at 6:30pm. I asked him about any food/restaurant preferences, and he left it up to us but indicated he would like a place in the downtown area – he said he’s going to be somewhere on Bush Street.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

From: “Aubrey Freedman [lpsf-activists]”

Posted by: Starchild

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Hi Starchild. Thanks for the update. OK, I guess the Wednesday dinner is
back on, so I'm coming. As long as it's not Dim Sum, I'm OK with pretty
much everything else. I'll let Ivy know that it will at a restaurant
downtown, as she offered to host it at her home. Due to the uncertainty of
how many folks may show up, let's not bother with restaurants that require
reservations, which tend to be overpriced anyway. Suggestions?


Hi All,

At Aubrey's request, I have posted the dinner announcement on the LPSF Announcement List, as follows:
Holiday Dinner with Larry Sharpe, Wednesday, December 14, 6:30 pm, Uncle Vitto's Pizza, 700 Bush St (at Powell), San Francisco. No host dinner. No reservations; we just show up. Vegetarian available.

Hope to see you all there.


For those unfamiliar with Larry….you can hear his speech to the Colorado LP in 2015 here.