Time For A Real Change - In " Public Servant" Pay

Dear All;

After reading an article in Lew Rockwell
about salary and wage cuts I did some quick
computations on some real salary and
wage cuts.

Average private industry pay in SF is $50,000
and 27,000 City workers average $90,000 in
pay and benefits. Scale City workers pay to
match this and save $1 billion a year. California
employs 345,000 averaging $85,000 in pay
and benefits against $40,000 private industry
pay. Scale state employees' pay and benefits
to average that of private industry cutting $14 billion.

BTW: the California state public employees and
teachers unfunded pension liability is $49 billion.
I can hardly wait until the governor asks taxpayers
to pick up that tab.

Bet your local city county unfunded pension
liability is just as bad.

On a national basis between public servants
the post office and the military there are some
15 million. These figures include federal contract
workers and grantees who receive federal
funds. Even if allowing for the reduced pay
of the military personnel taken against private
industry pay and benefits I am certain if I had
the time to figure it out the pay differential would
be similar to the San Francisco or California levels.

So knock off some for lower military pay
but adjust for food and clothing and living
quarter allowances and use $30,000 times
15 million and you get a pay differential of
some: $450 Billion in nice round figures.

This is where the scaling the federal government
pay and benefits to civilian pay and benefits
would save the taxpayers some $450 Billion.
And if the US private industry figues show 8%
unemployment then cut the government work
force by 8% - now that's real CHANGE.

Do the math for your local city and or county
and see what a difference there is between
"public servant" pay and private industry pay.

It's time for a real - CHANGE.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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