Thoughts on the Vape Ban measure

Hi all,

Here are my current thoughts on the vape ban measure for this November, which we haven't yet taken an official stance on. Please read and let me know your thoughts!

The full measure for reference:

Initially, it seems obvious that we should oppose; it imposes regulations and limits individual liberty. However, the status quo in 2020 will be that all vape sales are banned in the City thanks to Dennis Herrera and the Board voting to ban all sales <> in the City. The measure we are dealing with was brought as a people's initiative by Juul themselves, in an effort to get ahead of the regulation and at least create some legal standing for their product. Pragmatically, this measure would push the status quo in a more pro-liberty direction *for adults *who want to buy vapor products *and *would be difficult for the Board to circumvent, since amending a people's initiative requires a vote of the people.

It absolutely makes my stomach turn to recommend a "yes" vote for this, given its nature. However, it does seem to largely be a net-positive. There are a few riders on this which make it even less tolerable to recommend a "yes" vote, like directing the creation of new wasteful education programs to tell kids it's not cool to vape, vaguely prohibiting marketing vape products to youth, and requiring new training for employees selling vapor products.

I'm not sure recommending a "no" vote on principle is very productive here. After all, we recommended "yes" on Prop 64 despite the ugly regulations it tacked on to legalizing marijuana, and I stand by that being the right decision.

As far as ballot arguments go, I feel it might be best to not submit anything on this one, given our options.


I would advise to not submit given the circumstances and only voting for a
bad regulation since it's better than a worse regulation.

Agree, both as to your take on this and as to not submitting a ballot argument