This Weekend is the Big Event! Do NOT miss out!

Fellow Libertarians:

This is really your very last chance to make plans to attend the California LP Convention.
This is the biggest, 'baddest' and 'bestest' Libertarian event of the year.

It's this weekend, so when we say 'last chance' it really is!

The convention is going to be a total blast, with compelling speakers and exciting
events that will knock your socks off!

Every single LPCA officer will be there and most regional Chairs too.
Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of Libertarian history in the making!

That's right.
Cancel your plans to wash your car this weekend.
Cancel whatever you have going on and meet us in San Jose.
(Do you know the way?)

The official Convention website at:
has a huge laundry list of speakers and events that you just don't want to miss!

You can get the whole shebang for the low, low price of only $300.00,
or you can attend a la carte with events starting at only $5.00 and a floor
pass only costing $20.00.

I'm getting the full package, as listed on the website.
It includes every single workshop, every meal, banquet and
official reception, and more.

With more than twenty speakers, six meal events and your chance to vote
and influence the direction of the most significant and powerful Libertarian
organization in the country, it's a bargain!

You absolutely must attend!

If people from San Diego, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino are
driving and flying in, so can you!

There are still reasonably priced rooms available at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel.
It's very nice and the rooms are quite reasonably priced, too!

Concierge level rooms are only $109.00 and include a lot of nice extras.
(No they won't tuck you in at night, but the extra food and attention is nice!)
Make sure to mention the code: LIB when booking your room.
The price is the same to you, but hardworking Convention organizer Mark Hinkle
gets a little credit towards his bill for every 50 room nights we book.

Hotel Website:
Hotel Phone number: 408.453-4000

There is free shuttle between the hotel and the airport, too.

So, call me: Bruce Cohen at (949) 813-8001
          or call Mark Hinkle at (408) 779-7922

PS Bring a friend. Bring two or three! See you there.
PPS Contact your regional chair for carpooling and room sharing

Convention website:

Feel free to forward, repost and reprint this message.