This is the cost of the Southern cultural genocide.

Right at the beginning, the essay shows itself inaccurate. No southern local or state governments are destroying any Confederate Monuments. They always move them into museums. So the comparison with the destruction of Buddhist monuments in places like Afghanistan is very untruthful. Richard Winger 415-922-9779 PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

This article is so laughably absurd it is hard to believe anyone takes it seriously.

“some eight million of the people (Southerners) were subjects, not citizens”. Let’s not forget that some one third of the Southerners were slaves and were certainly NOT treated as citizens by the Confederacy or the Southern states.

“The South was fighting or its independence, for freedom, for the right to live under a government based upon the free and unfettered consent of the governed”. What about the 3 and half million black slaves??? They certainly were not living in freedom. Most likely the Southerners did not accept the Corwin amendment (declaring that Congress had no right to interfere with slavery) because they thought it would not last. An amendment could always be repealed by some later Congress.

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This article was by no means a defense of slavery. You missed the point. The War Against Peaceful Secession was not about slavery. It was about Northern economic subjugation of the South. Every serious historian knows this but most public school indoctrinated people do not because the narrative taught in public schools, written by the victors, is that the war was about slavery, only the truth is that it was not.


Do you comprehend the point of the article? What is your point?


NO, I understand their point…….and I regard it as total absolute hogwash. I cannot understand how anyone would take such nonsense seriously. I can understand how Southerners who do not want to deal with the immorality of slavery would swallow this, but I cannot understand how anyone else would.

A defense of the Confederacy must necessarily be a defense of slavery.

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