There They Go Again At Silly Hall

Dear Everyone;

In todays Chronicle (8/14) there are 2 stories of interest.

The first is a report on another Eminent Domain battle shaping up over 80 Natomas and the new proposed Transit Hub. And Surprise! Chris Daly figures in the mess.

The second article is how the Proposition O Public Funds for campaigns may not have enough funds because of all the candidates running for supervisor. The fund was approved in Nov. 2000 and was funded by a $2.00 allocation for each resident of SF.

Currently the fund has some $670,000 in it for some 65 candidates. There are several qualifications required to get a portion of the fund. It was established with the goal of providing up to $43,000 for a qualifying candidate. Based on this years bumper crop of candidates the qualifying allocation may only be $13,000.

What the article does not address is why should the residents of SF be ponying up any money in the first place for a candidates campaign if they do not support that candidate. Thank You Tom Ammiano for the thoughtful Proposition O and the thoughtful use of the taxpayers money. Once again the incentive (take the corruption out of campaign funding) and the intent ( give candidates a leg up against entrenched office holders ) resulted in a crossed purposes and the taxpayers pay the bill. Robbing Hood strikes again.

Speaking about Robbing Hood there was a great cartoon in a UK publication showing Robin Hood and his Merry Men around a campfire and Robin saying; " All right - it's agreed - we steal from the rich and flog it on eBay." Nice UK joke.

Now if the UK could only do something about that Other Joke - Tony Blair.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian