There seems to be a movement afoot...

To honor David Nolan's memory with nationwide OPH Booths on Dec 11, the
anniversary of the founding of the LP. That's also our next meeting date.
What do you all think?


Great idea.

I suggest we set up an OPH booth from 3 - 4 in front of the library, then
have an abbreviated meeting from 4 -5.

Do you have the OPH chart?

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Rob,

Great outreach idea and good way to honor David Nolan. I am ambivalent about breaking our tradition of always having a business meeting (no matter what!) on the second Saturday of every month. Michael has proposed a good compromise. However, I doubt that the library folks would permit us setting up a political booth in front of the library, and I would suggest keeping our relations with the library pleasant. But maybe at the UN Plaza or the City Hall Plaza? We could have a couple of us at the Conference Room directing those who came to the meeting to the Booth?