The Total Failure of Modern Liberalism (starting with FDR)

Modern liberalism has carried on the tradition of classical liberalism in getting the government out of people's bedrooms, out of their liquor cabinets, out of their bathrroms, off the busses, opposing the warmongers, exonerating the innocent, opposing the police-state, etc.

This author does liberalism a disseevice by conflating it with soviet communism and Fabian socialism.

This perpetuates the linguistic trap, leaving no word for what actual iberalism is. Liberalism has been around for centuries. It didn't vanish in the modern era as this author suggests.

The poison of his title is in the fruit of his writing. Accurately, he could have titled his piece "The Utter Failure of Soviet Communism".

But he didn't. Instead he chose to indict liberalism falsely and further bury its true meaning. For this, he deserves the uttmost contempt and censure.