The term "Hacker"

Thanks, Mike.
Also as independent thinkers, learners, and doers crantrasted with "hacks", burearcratic hacks, corporate hacks, etc.

Good news: I've got the Marin LP website management covered. How about if we host a meetup with SF in Sausalito?

Great news about the website John.

Regarding a meeting in Sausalito, other than you....who will be there from Marin?


Good news indeed, John. Can you tell us more about the Marin website manager? He/she might want to give some suggestions regarding our LPSF website.

Tell us what you mean about hosting a "meetup with SF in Sausalito?"

PS: My Internet connection is having its problems (hackers that should be in the Gulag?), so please forgive if this message appears several times.