The SS has arrived!!

Only forwarding an interesting piece from Mr. H. Brown, and especially his forwarded letter from the Tenderloin Police. This is an effort to hear what the left is saying, especially in areas where our concerns overlap. H. brown 's style is very provacative and to be appreciated for it's flair and certainly not it's accuracy , or sensitivity.



  I presume h. brown was, as an opinion writer, simply tapping into the still-vibrant vein of anti-Nazi sentiment in society by alluding to the fact that most SF cops are of European ancestry. Which is true, but not the most salient fact about them. The rash of black-on-black shootings should make it abundantly clear that one is better off looking at causes other than white racism to find the source of aggression in society. One wonders whether he has heard of the "Stanford Prison Guard Experiment" and thought about its implications.

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