The Sham White House " National Security Strategy "

Dear Everyone;

The url is for the White House issued National Security Strategy of The United States. President Shrub signed it on Sept. 17, 2002. Just a month shy of 2 years later virtually everything he said the USA should do has not happened and in some cases been violated with aforethought or has happened with unexpected untold consequences to the victims.

It is a chilling document for the Hubris which underlies everything he says the USA should do as a World Power and a World Policeman. Because his actions speaks louder than words everything he said about developing alliances, furthering a new global economy, expanding democracy and championing human dignity has proved to be a sham.

The results of President Shrub's policies has taken a budget surplus and turned it into a $500 billion deficit, alienated long time allies, destroyed two countries, caused some 15,000 innocent civilian deaths, wounded another 30,000 innocent civilians and shortly will have killed 1,000 soldiers in Iraq and wounded another 6,000.

Hail to The Chief of Baghdad may His Sovereignty Rule Forever!


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian