The Road To Libertarian Victories


Van Allen wrote:
"The erosion of our liberties didn't happen overnight; it was a process of incremental change which began in the 1970's. What's taken us to the point we're at now - where government has the power to spy on our every move - physical and financial - is called `incrementalism.' And that's the only effective way to get our liberties back."

Van Allen seems to be conflating incremental advocacy with incremental implementation. A strong case can be made that abolitionist advocacy has more power in effecting change, incremental though the actual change be. William Lloyd Garrison, for example, boldly advocated the immediate and total abolition of slavery in 1830. It came more gradually over the next 30 years with the incremental change in the populace's enlightenment about the immorality of slavery. As Garrison famously noted: "Gradualism in theory is perpetuity in practice."

For a more complete discussion of the problems with incrementalism, see: Contra Gradulism by Wendy McElroy

Best, Michael

Beautifully said, Michael.

It can also happen that Libertarian candidates say or do things that are
so embarrassing that we don't want to be associated with them. Some
people feel that way about Loretta Nall's use of her breasts; I feel
that way about Olivier's statements on immigration. I plan to vote for
him, but I'm giving my money to other campaigns.