The President Needs Your Help

The Edgar Prince family has deep connection to Trump and US heavy industries. Daughter, Betsy DeVos is Sec. Ed. Brother, Eric, is co-founder of Blackwater, deepening the connections , globally.
The DeVos family are founders of Amway, with broad connections in every community in the US.
This is only one node of a massive global network of high hi-caliber persons, not to mention 34,000 full time employees of the Trump Organization.
Kushner is only one of Trump's buddies in the Real Estate business, including the Dezer family. These folks sell and rent to the most powerful people and corporations in the world.
Trump has done his end of the enterprise. The other end of the enterprise is the American people, who are the real subjects of the attack by the deep state. Paul Roberts is one of the scumbags distracting and keeping the people off-balance.
Your misery is his business plan. He is the deep state.

I appreciate the information. It appears we might be focusing on two different things. The messenger could be a "scumbag" all he wants to -- lucifer himself and prince of the deep state. I am concerned about the message. Did Trump underestimate The Establishment? It appears the answer might be NO. Or NO because Trump has his own Establishment to fight the current Establishment. Well, the "people" just needs to wait then, to see whose Establishment to obey.


I think the "deep state", or something of the sort under whatever name we choose to assign to it, is real. I'm not voicing a conspiracy theory here; I don't believe everything is being orchestrated via the Council of Foreign Relations or anything of that sort. It's just the natural forces of institutionalization at work, the military/intelligence bureaucracy seeking to protect and maintain its institutional power and interests. Not necessarily as a concerted operation, but as the result of people in that bureaucracy having a rough understanding of where their bread is buttered and acting accordingly. Sometimes in direct coordination with each other, but not necessarily so.

  I do believe it is a standing threat to democracy. Then again, I also believe Donald Trump is a threat to democracy! We don't want an elected president being overthrown by any kind of coup, "soft" or otherwise – unless worse comes to worse and a president is acting tyrannically and the normal checks and balances are unable to correct the situation or hold him accountable. If, for instance, Trump were to simply refuse to follow lawful court rulings, congressional acts, etc., and federal employees were carrying out his orders or acting in accord with his perceived wishes and in violation of standards set by congressional or judicial oversight. Disturbingly, this no longer seems like an unthinkable possibility.

  In terms of the specifics of the current situation (which I'm familiar with only in its broad outlines), if federal employees in the CIA, or whatever agency/agencies, possess knowledge of White House officials having improper contact with representatives of a foreign government or what-not, and act as whistleblowers by leaking the information to the press, I find that commendable. Government transparency is a good thing. But I also believe the president has the constitutional authority to fire any executive branch employee (including individual soldiers, etc.) at any time, for any reason. So Trump would be within his rights to fire any federal employees he deemed responsible, and if anyone were to refuse to comply with such dismissal, I would consider that unacceptable and a highly dangerous precedent, and would side with Trump in seeking to make sure they were removed from government. However I would not support him in prosecuting whistleblowers or otherwise attempting to exact retribution against them, and would likely also oppose the decision to fire them.

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Huuuummmm. I like the first part of this, because it seems to apply better than the second part to my original question. The article I posted went a bit further though, and questioned the ability of Trump to prevail over those who want to hold on to their turf. But, indeed, I would not want to exchange one empire for another.