The Power of One

Dear All,

1. Rob's e-mail encouraging each one of us at the LPSF to do our
share for Liberty regardless of what the LPC or the LP National says,
does, or does not do should go on the next LPSF Newsletter! Beautiful
words and thoughts!

2. I have seen Mike Acree's great brochure entitled "Honoring
Everyone's Rights: A Libertarian Tradition." The brochure
starts: " 'Pro-choice on everything'-- everything peaceful. The
Libertarian philosophy, nicely captured in that slogan, embodies a
profound respect for individual differences."

3. And that brings me to the recent discussion on liberals vs
conservatives in our group and in the population at large. Do we at
the LPSF respect individual differences in the Libertarian tradition
cited by Mike? Could we work on our pet projects as long as our
projects fit into the Libertarian belief in small government,
individual rights, and individual responsibility? Maybe I would like
to concentrate on the message of lowering taxes, while someone else
might want to concentrate on equal treatment under the law for the
LGBT community. I happen to like the literature featuring the little
girl wrapped in the American flag; is that not OK? I happen to be an
MBA who can only speak in terms of "strategy," "market penetration,"
and "brand repositioning;" is that not OK?

4. I think Geoffrey Neal's e-mail was attempting to say what I am
saying: You want something done, help to get it done, in the
tradition of the power of one voice.