The Mormonicide in Mexico

For those interested....things appear to be not quite what they seems. Surprise surprise

The Mormonicide in Mexico

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The story of the cartels killing the LeBarón Mormon family did not make sense to me, or to many others here. The narcos do not kill without a reason. The reasons may be deplorable, such as eliminating unfriendly politicians, but there is a reason. They specifically avoid killing Americans, first because they have no reason, and second because it brings highly unwelcome attention, such as American threats to send the military. The narcos are evil. They are not stupid. For what it's worth, news-aware people here have serious doubts as to who did it for what reasons, paid for by whom.

A few minutes research online reveals that two groups, the Mormon LeBaróns and the Barzonistas, an agricultural community, have been fighting savagely over water rights. The LeBarons were using at least nine wells ruled illegal by Conagua, the Water Commission, and allegedly depriving the Barzonistas of water. The said fighting including gunfire, burning of buildings and trucks, and allegations of prices being put on heads. The dispute is complex beyond my powers to detail, but a sort of war was going on. The LeBarons were not nice semi-Christian people slaughtered for no discernible reasons while on a pleasant family jaunt.

The war is no secret on the Mexiacn internet: Barzonistas<> Further, these Mormons seem to have as much in common with Pancho Villa as with Mother Theresa. In particular, murder is an old part of Mexican Mormonism, as officials of the church have killed each other in power struggles. Joel LeBaron<> The dead were dual citizens, not Americans on vacation.

The following Facebook post<>, by a resident of Chihuahua-Julio Peraza-where the killing happened, a story very different from the one accepted by Trump. It is poorly written and longer than I want to translate in entirety, but with corroborating links. (These, many of which no longer work, tend to go to news broadcasts. The author says he has known of the hostility for years and wants other Mexicans to know so they can come to their own conclusions.

I cut-and-paste verbatim his links to events of the dispute, with my translations highlighted:

29 diciembre 2017: Barzonistas pelean con lebarones

The Barzons fight with the LeBarons

30 abril 2018: A balazos reciben lebarones a barzonistas en buenaventura, chihuahua

The LaBarons receive Barzones with gunfire in Buenaventura, Chihuahua

30 abril 2018: Ejidatarios atacan a rancho de la familia lebaron

Ejidatarios attack the ranch of the LeBarons (not working)

1-2 mayo 2018: rancho lebaron

They invade the LeBaron ranch

1-2 mayo 2018: Grupos del barzón irrumpen en rancho lebaron

Groups of Barzons erupt into the LeBaron ranch

mayo 2018: de barzón irrumpen rancho propiedad de lebaron

Groups of Barzons erupt into the ranch property of the LeBarons (video not working)

4 mayo 2018: Habitantes de lebaron preocupados por amenazas de grupo barzonistas

LeBarons worried by threats from Barzons

Y la información sigue fluyendo.

And the information keeps flowing<>

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