The latest outrage

The Libertarian Party daily poll identifies protectionism as "trade regulations that benefit American business":
I could've sworn our position was that regulations are bad for business, and protectionism ultimately hurts the industries it is designed to favor by making them less competitive, but I guess in LP newspeak this is no longer the operating paradigm.

  Is it just a coincidence that trade is one of the issues on which Bob Barr has a terrible record, having voted for lots of protectionist legislation?

  And is it my imagination, or does the Statue of Liberty on the front page of Bob Barr's website look like part of her face is in shadow? I guess it matches the Lady Liberty with the darkened face that has been the recent party logo. I've noticed that art sometimes has a tendency to mirror reality in interesting ways not always evident to those who employ it.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Actually the poll explains protectionism as regulations that benefit "American businessES", in the plural, meaning firms, not general economic activity. Protectionists do seek to benefit specific firms at the expense of everybody else. "No" seems to be winning, thankfully.

Starchild writes an interesting thought about the Statue of Liberty logos below.

Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA