The Latest Dressed To Kill Police Guidelines

Dear Everyone;

The latest shoot-to-kill terrorist guidelines are being brought to you courtesy of the Int'l Police Chiefs Assn. Soon to be appearing in a city near you once adopted by all those thin blue line
guardians who protect and defend us from terrorists.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

New guidelines issued by the International Association of Chiefs of Police authorize a police officer to shoot-to-kill any suspected terrorist by shooting him in the head. "You need to get him dead as soon as possible." Says Miami Police Chief John F. Timoney. (Washington, August 3, 2005).

How will police identify a terrorist before they put a bullet through his head? The IACP lays down the following terrorist profile: "wearing a heavy coat or jacket in warm weather" (no definition of what constitutes a heavy coat or what is considered warm weather) "carrying a briefcase, dufflebag or backpack with protrusions or visible wires" (make sure it zips neatly shut and get Bluetooth) "might display nervousness" (take a Xanax before leaving your house) "unwillingness to make eye contact" (shyness is now punishable by death) "excessive sweating" (no definition of how much you are permitted to sweat without risking your life) "might mumble prayers" (such as praying that nobody shoots you in the head) or "pacing back and forth in front of a venue" (no definition of what constitutes pacing or what constitutes a venue).

Think this scenario cannot get worse? Think again. While previous use-of-force guidelines required police officers to be faced with an imminent threat before deploying deadly force, the new guidelines eliminate this pesky threshold. "An officer just needs to have a �reasonable basis� to believe that the suspect can detonate a bomb" under the new guidelines. (Washington, August 3, 2005).