"The human conscience cannot be put to the vote.�

Good pickup! Other discussions have gone badly and I could see another one coming. The LP has been stuck in a rut for decades with the best ideology. I think it is shameful and each time I move in the direction of doing WHATEVER it takes to get relief from the ongoing holocaust I am ridiclued by the "lifestyle-libertarians".

I've been through this before and the progress is so slow that death is the only winner. In twenty years the ranks will thin and the relevence will fade.

Plus...e-mail is a stodgy modality for discussion. I include my phone number for anyone to call and take discussion to the next level. I encourage everyone to begin doing the same. If we expect to compete for relevence, we need to ramp up the game. The reports to the list will reveal a whole new dimension of discussion.


Hi John,

I appreciate it that you shared your frustration. I agree that the LP has not exactly flourished, and efforts to energize it are welcome. However, since this is a *discussion* list, I could not help but find your "call me" request interesting.


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  You refer below to "lifestyle-libertarians". Can you explain what you mean by this, and why you think people whom you see as being in that category have ridiculed you? If you've used the word "holocaust" before to describe the state of the Libertarian Party, could their reactions have been related to that comparison?

Love & Liberty,
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"Holocaust" refers to the massive imprisonment, endless war, dystopian regulation, economic and legal corruption, etc. that libertarians and the LP speak about ending.



I'll follow your lead and offer my # to anyone who wishes to call: 415-673-2848 (24/7).

Warm regards, Michael

Thanks. I think we will re-discover why verbal communication is so important in political relationships and how the written word is only symbolic of what has been understood already.