the HIV-AIDS hypothesis:17 predictions vs. the facts

Thanks, Mike.

Wether HIV that causes aids, or some
similar unseen fellow traveller may be
possible. For myself, a sample of one, I
was on my deathbed, with infections on
and in my body, down to around a
hundred pounds, blinded , and unable to
eat for two years. Within weeks of
starting the triple therapy I started to get
better and have remained healthy for
about a decade. High viral loads have
been predictive of the health status of
friends and aquantices who have passed
away in the last decade.

All scientific theories are always just
that, or they are properly called dogma
by well educated scientists. That is why
at Washington University where I studied
bilogy and economics, the theory of
evolution was often also referred as the
central dogma of modern biology.

Call it dogma or theory if you like, The
hiv-aids model has led to apparently
powerful therapy and predictive
diagnostic tests.
Keeping an open mind is always a good
idea and testing theories is the way
science moves forward.

I have not seen any significant and
coherant body of data that has been peer
reviewed and/or is predictive and
repeatable, presented to counter the hiv
aids theory. Until then, I will continue to
rely on the hiv equals aids model to guide
my personal therapy and encourage
others infected with the virus and
weighing the risks of unprotected sex to
do the same.