The Economic Wit Of Frederic Bastiat

Dear Everyone;
  Mises Institute has an article on Frederic Bastiat which provides some humorous examples of how Bastiat fought for free markets. If you are not familiar with his writings you can buy his books from Mises or get them through Laissez Faire Books or Amazon Books. They make for great reading and providing a foundation for free market arguments.
  A small example of his economic wit is this one which in modified formats can bu used to twit City Hall - Sacramento - Washington:
  Bastiat's supreme jest was the petition of the candlemakers and their allied industries for protection against the unfair competition of the sun. The Chamber of Deputies is asked to pass a law requiring the closing of all windows, dormers, skylights, outside shutters, inside shutters, and all openings, holes, chinks, and fissures by which the light of the sun can enter houses. The blessings that will result from this, in an increased business for the candlemakers and their associates, are then all solemnly itemized, and the argument conducted according to the recognized principles of all protectionist arguments.
  The petition of the candlemakers is devastating. It is a flash of pure genius, a reductio ad absurdum that can never be exceeded, sufficient in itself to assure Bastiat immortal fame among economists.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian