The dollar tonight

The dollar is penetrating all time lows Tonight, vs. the Euro and at 80.15 on the USD index. Penetration below 80 puts the dollar in all time worth less territory, and could mark the beginning of a worldwide run on the dollar. It is likely that central banks throughout the planet will print their own currency to bail out the dollar by buying tons of the dollar, thus importing inflation, but for how long can the people in China and Japan, and India accept run away inflation. The critical situation tonight fits the predictions of Hyak and Mises and spells the continuation of a worldwide crack up boom. The inflation is very bad for middle class and poor consumers , but inflates the Rich's stock portfolio's.

How much ink is this getting in the general media? You can bet it is getting big headlines overseas.

Just move along folks, nothing here to see. Just move along.

Good time for a lightly soiled bomb encouraged by an FBI mole to impressionable young Muslims?, or a border incident with Iran?

Based on historical precedents just discussed,You bet.

Got gold?