The connection between poverty and environmental destruction

Yeah that's the hard part, separting people and gov.
One would have to cultural anthropologically study the matter. But still it must be up to the people to except or dismantle.
When "we" become apart of the equation, only our interest come into play.
In regards to the under-represented, I'd only assist if there were a revolution. Other than that they must sort out their own mess...


  Each of us can help separate the people from the governments by not referring to governments, their actions, or their employees, with possessive pronouns like "we," "us," "my," and "our."

  When speaking politically, libertarians should reserve the use of these pronouns for other libertarians, fellow travelers, or in regards to a particular issue, for people who are seeking freedom on that issue.

  By doing this, we will create a more powerful sense of libertarian community and solidarity. It will be a sense of community and solidarity built around shared beliefs in freedom, rather than simply an accident of birth as is the case with nationalism, racism, and numerous other repugnant collectivist ways of thinking.

  With nationalism, you get to be part of a "we" with Pat Robertson, Hilary Clinton, Jeffrey Dahlmer (sp?), and many others equally unsavory. With a libertarian "we," you're in much better company!

Love & liberty,
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