[the comments about randy Shaw]

Starchild always reminds us to stay local and this is as local as it gets. From what I gather being not really on top of this, randy shaw is a local do gooder insider who runs an outfit that gets gobs of city money to improve housing in the tenderloin and he is quite adept in building and controlling quite a bit of publicly subsidized housing. He portrays himself as a union sympathazer. His shop got unionized, and the union and he are now in quite a spat. Just a little microcosm of how the world works when politics , not markets , control.

Hi Phil,

  Yes, it's good to keep up with local politics if we really want to have an influence here. I don't know Randy Shaw, but from what I've read in the press, my impression is that he started out as a leftist ideologue focused on the housing issue, and as he has become more of a "player," has become more willing to bend with the political winds and make "unholy" alliances that are in his (personal? political? financial? clients'?) interest, alienating some of his allies on the left.

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        ((( starchild )))