The 100's Club

Dear All;

Hundreds in the news.

$100 million is the daily "nugget" on the US debt
- yes that's $100 million a day without Obamacare
or any other new Obamunism. And that isn't paying
down the principal.

Current number of 100 year olds estimated
worldwide - 340,000

Estimated number of 100 year olds by 2050
- 6 milllion or 60,000 groups of 100 -
100 year olds or 100 groups of 60,000 - 100 year

How about you all - any of you planning on
joining the 100 year club - please do consider
what the alternative is if not.

Remember death can ruin your whole day.

As the Wise Old Cardiologist asked of the
New Young Cardiologist, ' What's the first sign
of a heart attack?" WYC, " I dunno - what?"
WOC, "Death."

As told to me by my primary physician/cardiologist.
And yes he has re-started hearts by thumping strongly
on the chest of a patient with his fist - no not me - thank you
for asking.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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