You make a persuasive case for teaching young kids about libertarianism and the evils of Govt.

You wrote:

We gotta encourage that kind of response in kids.

Why not, then, take it one step further and create the "Annual Mike Denny Say Something Smart In School Award" for elementary school children?

How about this:
Announcing the "ANNUAL MIKE DENNY SAY SOMETHING SMART IN SCHOOL AWARD" for elementary school children.

The 2006 winner is Mary Jensen of San Francisco, 11 years old, who, in response to a classmate's statement, "I'm thankful for the government because it protects us and gives us things," said "I don't really see what there is to be thankful for. Mostly the government just steals our money and wastes it on itself."

If you institute this and I can distribute this announcement of the annual award and attend the honorary lunch for Mary, I'll contribute $100 as well.

Best, Michael